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Desserts, desserts, desserts! Recent dessert reviews:

Cupcakes in a Jar
Did you know you can eat a cupcake without getting frosting all over your face and looking like a crazy person? Get your cupcakes in jars and actually enjoy the experience. proident minim.
Types of Desserts
Learn about all different types of desserts here. Browse our "glossary" of dishes and tasty dessert items. Browse Glossary .
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Desserts That We Love

Recently we are pretty big on cupcakes. We think you will agree. Cupcakes are awesome and we should all eat more of them. We have found some great cupcake companies across the US. As usual we look for homemade, local, small businesses that are producing great products. We think we found a great one this time.

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Cupcakes in a Jar
Did you know you can eat a cupcake without getting frosting all over your face and looking like a crazy person? Get your cupcakes in jars and actually enjoy the experience. proident minim.
Types of Desserts
Learn about all different types of desserts here. Browse our "glossary" of dishes and tasty dessert items. Browse Glossary .
What is your favorite dessert?
Let us know on social media what your favorite desserts are in 2018! proident minim.
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About Us

With so many different tasty treats available at gourmet restaurants and elsewhere, finding the perfect indulgence has never been more fun. At Art House, we want our dessert reviews to make it easy to discover new delectable dishes, while learning more about the different types of desserts that are available to you. You can come to us to learn the inside scoop on the hottest new gourmet desserts. Foodies know that appearance is important when it comes to food, and this is certainly a thought that you can apply to desserts. Presentation is pretty crucial these days, and we are in love with the myriad of ways in which bakers and other experts are crafting some of the most aesthetically-pleasing treats to be found anywhere.

At the same time, we also know that appearances aren’t the only thing to keep in mind. You can be sure that our comprehensive dessert reviews are going to dig much deeper into whether or not that new cheesecake that looks so good is something that will taste good, as well. We understand that everyone has different tastes. We also believe that our reviews can keep that in mind, and give you a clear idea of whether or not something is right for you.

Join us as we discover all of the cakes, cookies, and other gourmet surprises that are out there waiting for us. We love food and desserts as much as you do. Our professional reviews at Art House are about more than just telling you where to go for something sweet. This is a chance for all of us to come together, and discover new and exciting things to eat together. Are you ready to use our dessert reviews to become the expert amongst your friends? We’ve got everything you will need to have the best experience with desserts possible!

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New Cupcakes Trends

There are a lot of new cupcake trends launching in 2018, with a number of trends that were just starting to gain traction in 2017 becoming red-hot in the first part of this year as well.

Cupcakes have been the “big thing” in baking ever since the early 2000’s, and though many people predicted that cupcakes would eventually fizzle out their popularity has never been higher. Here are just a couple of the hottest trends in the cupcake world for 2018 and beyond.

Botanical flavors

Savory cupcakes were really starting to gain traction in 2017 but the next big thing in the world of cupcakes for 2018 are more botanical flavors. Floral notes, with hints of rose, lavender, and hibiscus in particular, have really started to become incredibly popular – taking chocolate, vanilla, and Barry style cupcakes to entirely new levels.

Cupcakes in a jar

Cupcake artists have been trending away from some of the gourmet baking approaches and ornate cupcake designs and instead going to something a bit more grounded, a bit more “rustic” – at least as rustic as a cupcake can be, anyway – and a bit more modest. Cupcakes in a jar are some of the most popular cupcakes right now, and have that kind of down-home, country charm that so many people are looking for in their gourmet desserts these days.

Cupcakes in a Jar

Cupcake dessert trends

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Cupcakes come in jars now

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Sunflour Baking Company

Charlotte, North Carolina


Ultra ornate cupcake wedding cakes

On the flip side of things, when a cupcake is going to be the focal point of a dessert for a special occasion – like a wedding or anniversary, for example – folks aren’t at all shy about looking for options that really highlight gourmet baking approaches, flavors, and aesthetics. Cake artists and bakers have gotten much, much better at taking the same kinds of designs they used to create wedding cakes and miniaturizing them for the cupcake format. Creativity is exploding across the gourmet baking cupcake community today, making them the perfect option for folks that want a slightly more casual – but no less beautiful or flavorful – approach to their special occasion and wedding desserts.

Cupcake dessert delivery services

The company behind Edible Arrangements really took things to the next level when it came to delivering nontraditional bouquets and gifts, and there are a lot of cupcake dessert delivery services that are popping up left and right in cities across the world. Folks have plenty of opportunity to order cupcakes created by top-notch bakers and desert artists and have them delivered to the doorstep of that special someone, all without having to spend a small fortune along the way!

Gourmet Baking Ideas

Most of the time, you just can’t go wrong with good old-fashioned chocolate brownies, ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, and maybe a pie filled with the freshest fruit imaginable – but every now and again you want to take dessert to an entirely, and that’s when you want to turn to gourmet baking ideas. Right out of the gate, though, it’s important to highlight the fact that just because we’re talking about gourmet baking ideas and gourmet desserts doesn’t mean we are talking about recipes that are incredibly involved or difficult to pull off without a world of experience or culinary training. It’s possible to put out top-notch gourmet baking results and world-class gourmet desserts without possessing otherworldly culinary and baking skills – especially if you pull from the ideas that we highlight below.

S’mores in a jar Cupcakes in a jar have been incredibly popular for a year or two now, and it’s easy to see why! There’s just something about a comforting, reliable, dependable and delicious dessert in a jar form – deconstructed, of course – that makes it so inviting and so exciting. Well, s’mores in a jar are going to pull off the same kind of result, making it one of the best gourmet desserts you can try out.

Meyer lemon bars

Meyer lemons are some of the sweetest, most citrus forward, and best dessert lemons on the planet today, as well as reasonably affordable and accessible to anyone and everyone. They also produce stunningly bright colors when used in gourmet baking and gourmet dessert recipes, the kind of ultra bright yellow that more common lemons just can’t pull off.

A salted caramel chocolate tart

As far as gourmet desserts are concerned, you will have a tough time finding anything more delicious for chocolate lovers the on this one – a salted caramel chocolate tart that hits that salty, sweet, chocolatey goodness that you just cannot pull off successfully in any other dessert. This is really something special! In a pinch, dessert delivery services work wonders. If you are craving gourmet desserts but don’t want to have to go through the gourmet baking process to pull one – and really don’t feel like waiting – dessert delivery services are going to get you the “fix” you need without any headache, without any hassle, and (probably most importantly) without any delay at all! It really doesn’t get any better than that, now does it?